Wednesday, April 11, 2018

FreeSwitch - call through registered extension

Sometimes with SIP PBX you have a trunk, that registers on PBX. Most common example - various gateways.
Asterisk has a simple solution for this (as in Asterisk difference between trunk and extension is more cosmetic, than functional), but FreeSWITCH uses concept of gateways.

But it's a very powerful system. So we will make bridge statement by ourselves.

Adoption for FusionPBX.

condition - destination_number - ^(\d{10,20})$
action - set - reged_ext=username_of_extension
action - set - num_to_dial=$1
action - bridge - {absolute_codec_string='${outbound_codec_prefs}'}${regex(${sofia_contact(${reged_ext}@${domain_name})}|(^\w+/\w+)/|%1)}/sip:${num_to_dial}@${regex(${sofia_contact(${reged_ext}@${domain_name})}|(\d+.\d+.\d+.\d+:\d+.*)|%1)}

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