Friday, August 3, 2018

Bulk Import Extensions/Devices to FusionPBX

FusionPBX is a really great software. So, community is constantly expanding it possibilities and adding new features.
On of these expands - app for bulk import extensions/devices/voicemails from CSV file.

Idea is quite simple - you upload CSV file, it's being processed and shows you a preview where you can select which field corresponding to which row (or column) of the file.

Installation is quite simple. I've made it in my fork of FusionPBX, but it's fully compatible with original one.

On your server

cd /usr/src

# If you're using 4.2 of FusionPBX - replace 4.4 with 4.2 below, 
#  but point, only 4.4 version is supported now
git clone -b 4.4 fusionpbx-samael 

mv fusionpbx-samael/app/bulk_import_extensions /var/www/fusionpbx/app
chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/fusionpbx/app/bulk_import_extensions
rm -r fusionpbx-samael

Log into the FusionPBX webpage
Advanced -> Upgrade
Menu Defaults and Permission Defaults.
Log out and back in.