Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Sublime syntax for Kamailio

For a long time I've been using Visual Studio Code for writing code and it's still a great product, it's becoming more and more bloated with M$ telemetry and even using VSCodium does not help a lot (especially how hard to get Pylance working there).

So now it's a good time to "prepare a spare airfield" and every time I'm going back to Sublime. Yes, it's paid, but it's worth it. And Sublime Merge is the best git GUI over there for me.

One of the things that were missing for me, was the lack of syntax highlighting for Kamailio in Sublime Text.

Luckily, there is a syntax file for VSCode from Daniel-Constantin Mierla, so it was really easy to adapt it for Sublime.

The file itself is here. It's less advanced than the original file, mainly cause I need to dig into syntax format a bit more, but as a start, it will work.

Now it's a bit easier to write Kamailio configs in Sublime

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